Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Townsend Building (A. J. Woods)

This is a sign advertising the Woods For Men clothing store, on the side of the Townsend Building (not to be confused with the Townsend Hotel). I don't know the vintage of this sign, located on what is now a bookstore on the 100 block of South Center Street. I don't recall Woods ever being in this location, although it was once located nearly directly across the street. Apparently when it was in this location, the business was called "A. J. Woods". The Townsend Building itself was built in 1905, bricked over some time after that, and then later concreted over, as we now see it.

This sign was painted on the brick in a stylish manner, prior to the building being concreted over. The concrete has chipped off within the past few years, exposing the old painting.

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