Saturday, June 10, 2017

Morey Mercantile Company Building, Denver Colorado

This building, and the one to the immediately left, were owned by the C. S. Morey Mercantile Company.  I'm not sure of its vintage or what its used for today.

Inkmonstr mural, Denver Colorado.

I have no idea what the story behind this is, but this Inkmonstr mural is located in downtown Denver, Colorado.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Spratlen-Anderson Wholesale Grocery Company (Edbrooke Lofts), Denver Colorado

This is the Spratlen-Anderson Wholesale Grocery Company Building, and neighboring buildings, in downtown Denver Colorado. Today this it the Edbrooke Lofts.  The building was constructed in 1905 with a floor added in 1911.  The grocery company was dissolved in 1923 after which the Davis Brothers Drug Company occupied the company until 1957.  It was converted to lofts in 1990.

The M. J. O'Fallon Plumbing Company (Colorado Saddlery) Building, Denver Colorado

This building in Lower Downtown Denver was built for the M. J. O'Fallon Plumbing Supply Company whose painted bricks still adorn it.  The most famous industry to occupy this 1906 structure, however, was Colorado Saddlery which only moved out of it in 2005 after having occupied it since 1945.  Today it houses shops and lofts.

"LoDo Wellness Center", Denver Colorado

I've been going by this giant mural of a guitar playing cowboy for years and I have in mind that it used to be a Sheplers store in downtown Denver.  Now, of course, in weedy Denver it's apparently a marijuana dispensary.  Oh well.