Monday, March 3, 2008

Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters

These photographs are of Lou Taubert's Ranch Outfitters, a long time Casper business. The buisiness sells clothing, and as the signs demonstrate, also sells tack and related items. In other words it is, as the sign indicates, a ranch outfitter.

The signs painted on the building are quite large and have been on it for decades. Unfortunately,they are not easy to photograph, given neighboring buildings and street lights. The paintings exist on three of the buildings four sides, including the back of the building, as the bottom photograph demonstrates.

This business is a going concern, and is fully up and running in its long time business. The signs on the side of the building appear quite fresh in comparison to the others depicted here, as they are still occasionally repainted. It has been in this location for decades, but the "1919" referred to does not refer to this store, but the original store in Ft. Laramie, Wyoming.

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Anonymous said...

There are actually other signs beneath the ones on the east and west sides of the building. One layer reads "S&L Company" and another reads "The Golden Rule," from when J. C. Penney had that store in the structure before building a new edifice on the southeast corner of Second & Wolcott. Many many years back, the Talbott building even housed an undertaker. :)