Friday, May 25, 2012

Skelly Gasoline Station, Casper Wyoming


Skelly was an oil company that had its own gasoline stations, as most oil companies did, up until 1977 when it was bought by Getty Oil, and then subsequently Getty's interest was sold to Texaco.

This Skelly station was located along Yellowstone Street, the in town expression of the old Yellowstone Highway, in Casper Wyoming.  I am quite familiar with this area and had no idea that this building had ever been a Skelly station.  It's identity only came to light recently when the facade of the building, which has seen a variety of uses over the years, was stripped off.

Gasoline stations like this one were once very common.  Small brick and mortar stations which offered full service.  In this case, the station was located across the street from the substantial Wyatt's Gasoline Station and across from Tripeny Motors, which also had a gasoline station.  The location was a good one, as the Yellowstone Highway was the main regional highway at the time.

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