Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wyoming Automotive Company and the Rock Srpings City Hall, Rock Springs Wyoming.

This photo, taken with an Iphone on my way to a deposition, is far from ideal, and was intended to be of the Rock Springs City Hall.  It's also included on our Courthouses of the West blog.  But, more or less coincidentally, the sign for Wyoming Automotive Company can be seen on the building next to the city hall.

I don't know about this particular Wyoming Automotive, and the sign is barely depicted because the trees in the photograph obscure it, but the Wyoming Automotive in Casper was an automobile parts store, and I suspect that this one was or is.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Plaza Hotel and Montgomery Wards, Rock Springs Wyoming

A lot of the photos I take on this blog are taken on the way to, or from, a work function. So it's frequently the case that I can't really frame them like I would if I had more time in which to do it.  So, to some degree, you catch these buildings the way a hurried pedestrian would.

That makes for a lot of bad photos that get posted here, but it also sometimes means you have something illustrated that you wouldn't otherwise, and here is such an example.  This shows the purpose of painting these large signs on the side of a building.

The building shown in the distance in this photo is the former Plaza Hotel and Montgomery Wards in Rock Springs, Wyoming.  The hotel sign is clearly visible, the Montgomery Wards sign less so.  This hotel was an old Rock Springs hotel on a main street downtown, but like most such hotels, it's now used for other businesses.

Chicago Meat Mark Building, Rock Springs Wyoming.

This 1909 structure originally housed the Chicago Meat Market in Rock Springs, Wyoming. The Odd Fellows fraternal organization has occupied the second floor of the structure since 1912.  Their symbol remains visible on the building.

First National Bank, Rock Springs Wyoming


This is the First National Bank Building in Rock Springs, Wyoming.  This structure, no longer in use as a bank, was built in 1917.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Chesterfield sign, J's Prairie Rose Cafe, Laramie Wyoming

This is a Chesterfield cigarettes sign on what is now J's Prairie Rose Cafe in Laramie Wyoming.  This sign is only visible as the building that was next to this one has been taken down.  I have no idea how old the sign is, but up until last year it would have have been visible for decades.

Folded Products Co., A Classic Touch, Ft. Collins Colorado.

This is a nicely preserved older brick building in Ft. Collins Colorado that has housed A Classic Touch motorcycles for at least 25 years.  At one time, according to the painted sign on the top of the building, it housed the Folded Products Company, although I have no idea what that was.