Sunday, February 15, 2015

GB Fish and Chips, Denver Colorado

I've passed by this location a million times, and have looked at this strangely compelling and simultaneously repulsive mural every time. 

This is the mural on the side of GB Fish and Chips on Colfax Avenue in Denver. The apparently well regarded chain of local fish and chips shops features giant flags from the United Kingdom in all of their several locations, apparently.  This particular mural also has three figures on the Union Jack, one of whom can't been seen in this photo taken from the back window of my pickup truck.  It's probable that all three depict actual people, with the one on the right in boxing shorts, and all three of whom are wearing boxing gloves and bloodied.  The middle figure in the top hat is Winston Churchill.

I find this mural impossible not to look at, but also very odd.

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